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1900 Member Challenge

Share your story.

What door has Coppin State University opened for you?

Along with your own perseverance and dedication to completing your degree, we imagine there is a professor, classmate or staff member you credit for having your back and giving you that extra push to graduate. Maybe it was a class you took, a book you read or a place on campus you frequented that, in some way, inspired you to become the person you are today. No matter what it was, we want to hear about it. Please don’t be shy!

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Opening doors for the next generation of Coppin alumni . . .

Believe it or not, the CSU National Alumni Association only began its paid membership about a decade ago. Funds raised have gone to student scholarships and alumni programs. A stronger alumni association means better programing, more scholarship dollars, a wider network of connected professionals & more. This year, we've set out on our most ambitious membership challenge yet by commemorating the year our great institution was established —1900.

There are two type of membership you can choose from —Annual or Lifetime. Of course membership has its privileges which you can view on the benefits page.

Annual Membership

  • Renewable each year for $30
  • Valid from July 1 - June 30

Lifetime Membership

  • Can be paid via one time payment of $500 or through payments over the course of 12 months

How your membership can impact our students:

1900 lifetime memberships can generate up to $190,000 in scholarships

*Twenty percent of the Lifetime Membership fee goes toward the alumni association scholarship fund.

15 percent is the goal of alumni association members for FY 2017

Thank you Coppin alumni!

484 alumni gave $225,108 during FY 2016

Join the CSU National Alumni Association.

You can also join by mail. Simply print the membership application and mail it and your member fee to:

Office of Alumni Relations
2500 W. North Avenue
Baltimore, Maryland 21216

You will receive your membership card in about 10 to 12 business days.