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Alumni Association Life Members
Alumni Association

Life membership is the premiere alumni membership, which is a one-time fee of $500 paid over 12 consecutive months. For more information or to become a life member, call (410) 951-3812.

$500 Life Membership Benefits

Life Members receive:

  • Engraved, gold plated membership card
  • Life Member lapel pin
  • Invitations to exclusive events and activities
  • Special Recognition in print media and on CSU website when appropriate
  • Discounted rate at Holiday Inn Express (Downtown location only - 410-400-8045)
  • Discounted Auto & Home Owners Insurance through Liberty Mutual
  • Campus Library Access
  • Discounted CSU Wellness Center Membership ($35/month)
  • Discounted Rental Car through Enterprise Rent-A-Car
  • Discounted Mobile Phone Service with AT&T

Life Members

Ms. Antoinette S. Amoureux Sekou '71

Ms. Rose Mary Backus Hamm '70

Dr. Jessica M. Bailey '69

Ms. Ethel B. Ball '60

Ms. Winifred P. Berry '74

Ms. Charlene Bratton '68

Ms. LaShaviar S. Burns '97, '03

Ms. Florine Camphor '58

Mr. James Camphor '51

Ms. Kathalene M. Carey '70

Mr. Colbert E. Carter '72

Ms. Torrion L. Carter '99

Ms. Verna M. Chase '68

Mr. Michael E. Chambers '69

Ms. Elise H. Collier '75

Ms. Alice Sue Cooper-Lee '65

Mr. Willanchas Coval '00

Ms. Donna Cypress '79

Mr. Elliott Daughtry, Jr '92

Mr. Lydell A. Dingle '00

Ms. Benita Dock '11

Mrs. Luvenia Draine '72

Ms. Sandra B. Edmonds '69

Ms. Doris Ford '98

Dr. Ellestine J. Grant '64

Ms. Dorothy E. Grayson '68

Ms. DeLois G. Hamilton '89

Mr. Lynn Harris '97

Mrs. Eunice L. Harris '66

Ms. Irene M. Heigh '91

Mrs. Cecelia A. Hughes '92

Ms. Hazel E. Hyman '61

Mrs. Gail Jackson-Adams '69

Ms. Miltonia C. L. Johnson '97, '11

Mr. Derrick "OOH" Jones '98

Mr. Edward L. Kennedy '94

Mrs. Deborah D. Kimble-Lacy '92

Mr. Lauren King '98

Ms. Lois D. Knight-Harrison '90

Ms. Dion A. Lawson '88

Mrs. Tonya McNeil '91

Mr. Walter McNeil '90

Dr. Clayton McNeill '69

Mrs. Pamela M. McNeill '70

Ms. Laura E. Mitchell '76

Ms. Frances Muldrow '05

Ms. Tashayla T. Pollard '13

Mr. Kenneth N. Pough '97

Rev. Dr. Marguerite C. Quarles '59

Ms. Brittney Y. Robinson '07

Ms. Gina L. Sammons

Ms. Gwendolyn Scott '65

Ms. Lizzie L. Sessoms-Johnson ’96

Rev. Dr. Lareesa C. Smith-Horn '71

Ms. Eunice Spencer '76

Mr. Surasak Sripratumanurak '95

Dr. Joan Stevenson '54

Dr. Thomas E. Terrell '74

Ms. Linda Thornton-Artson '83

Ms. Jennifer C. Traynham '72

Ms. Margaret C. Wicks '56

Ms. Charlotte M. Williams '77

Mrs. Benita E. Wilson '74

Ms. Maudnell S. Wilson '59

Mr. Stephen W. Woolridge '90

Mr. Matthews Wright '69

Mr. Willard D. Wright '65

Ms. Arline M. Yarborough '06

Ms. Helen E. Young '83